How to write a theory of change statement

Step 3 Write what you think is true about the topic. Explain the analysis of the college admission process Explain the challenge facing admissions counselors Example of an expository explanatory thesis statement: Organizations do this either of their own volition or because funders, board members, or other parties ask them to do so.

Many groups want to designate priority outcomes — that is, outcomes they know they need to measure if the theory is going to hold.

How to build a theory of change

A theory of change must clarify what results a nonprofit will hold itself accountable for achieving; in other words, what results must it deliver to be successful. They are also helping to understand and assess impact in hard to measure areas, such as governancecapacity strengthening and institutional development.

How are we going to collect evidence to inform these reviews through impact diaries and other methods? At a minimum, every outcome for which initial interventions will be designed should have at least one indicator. It can be represented in a visual diagram, as a narrative, or both.

How can these organisations make the grand claim that their intervention or programme actually leads to lasting changes?

What is a theory of change and how do we use it?

In my next blog article I will explore the differences between the Theory of Change and the Logical Framework. Present an argument and give evidence to support the claim that students should pursue community projects before entering college Navigation.

Read books, journals and peer-reviewed articles. Who are you seeking to influence or benefit target population? You can achieve impact, influence and leverage outcomes if you develop core capacities that function well.

Through existing institutions, or is change likely to require greater disruption, even conflict e. In other words, this is completing the Outcomes Framework. This higher order outcome would be placed above the dashed line. Many organizations, including the Rockefeller Foundation and the United States Agency for International Developmenthave used a Results Framework and companion Scorecard as management tools.

Read more stories by Matthew Forti. How can we make sure we are prepared to take advantage of critical junctures when they occur whether anticipated or as surprises?

Overall, having a Theory of Change helps make explicit the assumptions upon which the Results Framework is based.

And then round we go again — in this formulation, ToCs are not so much a tick box exercise, or logframes on steroids, as a way of working, involving a much higher level of ongoing political and power analysis and adaptation.

To start, a good theory of change should answer six big questions:Prepared by the National Center for Community Schools, this is a comprehensive guide on building and sustaining community schools. It includes an appendix by Dr. Heléne Clark on Theory of Change basics for community schools.

Download PDF: Sample Outcome for School Readiness This is a sample of a Theory of Change map for a. Write your theory, in a few sentences, based on your findings.

Also, include information that goes against your ideas or thesis statement. Make the theory as well-rounded as possible. Theory of Change (ToC) is a specific type of methodology for planning, participation, and evaluation that is used in the philanthropy, not-for-profit and government sectors to promote social change.

Theory of Change defines long-term goals and then maps backward to identify necessary preconditions. A theory of change shows how you expect outcomes to occur over the short, medium and longer term as a result of your work.

It can be represented in a visual diagram, as a narrative, or both. Fiver Children’s Foundation (). This is a very recent example of a theory of change developed by Fiver Children’s Foundation with ActKnowledge, which provide a key foundation for evaluation, communication, planning, organization and staff development.

A Theory of Change is a strategic overview of the multiple activities required to produce the short- and medium- term outcomes which need to occur to reach the long term outcome. A Theory of Change focuses on explaining HOW and WHY the desired change is expected to come about.

How to write a theory of change statement
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